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Who is Arat Hosseini Iranian talented footballer | Biography & Pictures

Arat Hosseini is one of the future Iranian stars who has emigrated from Iran to Britain for some time. At a very young age, Arat Hosseini was able to discover his talents with the help of his father. You can see Arat Hosseini Iranian talented footballer Biography & Pictures here.


Arat Hosseini Highlights and Skills

Arat Hosseini Biography

How old Arat Hosseini is?

Seyed Arat Hosseini, son of Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, was born on October 9, 2013 in the green area of ​​Babol, Bahar Naranj. This prodigy and genius child, under the coaching of his father, started his activity in gymnastics and acrobatics at the age of one without any sponsors.

The peak of Arat’s flexible movements began when he was 7 months old. When he hung from the bar, he was able to instinctively back up instinctively without any help or training. “When I saw my son have a strange talent for acrobatic movements, I decided to give him my full time and teach my son,” he says.
Mohammad Hosseini, Arat’s father, accidentally finds out from his son’s three months that he has strong hands and can hang himself well from anywhere. At the age of seven months, Mr. Hosseini saw that when he was hanging from a pole, he was able to turn his back, making sure that his son was very talented in performing acrobatic movements.


Discovering Talent

Arat, a few months later, at the age of 13 months, could easily repeat this movement several times in a row. He added, “When I saw that my son had a strange talent for acrobatics, I decided to give him my full time and teach my son.”

Arat Hosseini’s family

Arat Mohammad Hosseini’s father is a freelancer and his wife is a housewife. They have another child besides Arat. A 15-year-old girl None of her family members are gymnasts or talented athletes like Arat.

After 13 months, Arat Hosseini quits his job to spend most of his time with his son and said: “It’s been a year now that I’ve spent all my time teaching my son and during this time we live on our savings and “We don’t have much money left now.”

Arat’s father considers his son’s movements to be more like acrobatic movements than to do gymnastic movements, which are specific to Arat’s own: “Arat’s movements are not very similar to gymnastic movements.

arat father

“He makes acrobatic moves, climbs walls and does things that seem special to him.” In response to a question about whether Arat currently has a coach, Hosseini said:

“He doesn’t have a coach at the moment and it’s been a few days since I took him to the club, but he doesn’t want to come to the club and he doesn’t want to be at the club. He’s not very sociable and he’s still very small and has just opened his mouth. That’s why I try to teach him as much as I can if I don’t know how to do it myself.

In September 1995, the international programmers found the little genius on his Instagram page and asked him to come to China and participate in the world’s most popular prodigy program.

By paying all the travel expenses and the 15-day presence of him and his family in this country, in a live program with several steps in a row, including rock climbing, hanging and vertical and horizontal movement without interruption and difficulty on the part of Spectators and experts called him an amazing kid.

Arat’s father says: At the age of 13 months, Arat had a foreign offer. People have contacted me and suggested that they make arrangements for us to immigrate and accept the conditions of his education and expenses.

Following the news, many countries suggested that the United States, Germany, Asia, and even the Kurdistan Region were interested in buying Ararat. But we didn’t think about foreign offers and we don’t know what fate is right now and what God wants.

Arat Hosseini and his family emigrate to England

On Arat’s official page, it has been announced several times that he will travel to different countries for testing. He eventually decided to emigrate to England and pursue a career in that country. Many users praised Arat Kuchak Ghahraman and wished him success in his new path.

According to this group of users, he has the ability to create beautiful futures for himself and he will definitely achieve his dreams with effort and perseverance around the clock. Some users also believe that he should have a child and that doing heavy exercise professionally deprives him of playing and childish joys.


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