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Trump paid back Heavy | US casualties following Iran missile attack

Trump’s stupidity eventually killed a number of American troops stationed in Iraq, and Iran retaliated with a rocket attack on the largest US military base in Iraq to assassinate General Soleimani.

How many Americans were killed in the Iranian missile attack on Ain al-Assad?



Trump, who, with the backing of some European countries, and of course NATO and Israel, has attempted to assassinate Qassem Soleiman, has at once changed the balance as many European nations have abandoned him and withdrew their troops and Israel. Fearing Iran’s missile attacks, he generally pretended to be ignorant of the assassination of Qassim Soleimani and somehow pulled himself out of Trump’s great sin to avert Iranian reprisals.


Trump, now locked in a position to force US troops out of Iraq, has endangered all US interests in the Middle East and is now stuck in a situation where his comrades are not there.

Immediately after General Qassim Suleimani was buried, the same hour he was assassinated, they fired 15 missiles at the Iraqi base of Ain al-Assad, each of which passed through the US missile defense system and hit critical points in the base.

There are no exact casualties numberes yet, but at least 20 US soldiers were killed in the attacks, and serious damage was done to the US military’s drones and warplanes, according to Iranian officials.

Many US troops are said to have flown to Kuwait for fear of attack by Iran to save their lives.

The Pentagon commanders resigned after the Iranian parliament passed a resolution calling on all terrorists to resign.


In any case, Trump, formerly a casino gambler and keen on gambling, was the loser this time around with the assassination of Sardar Soleimani. He intended to exert some kind of power by assassinating the commander of the Quds Force in Iran, but with the Iranian attack on the US base in Iraq, it was Trump and the US who were humiliated because they failed to deliver modern weapons despite widespread propaganda. Protect US troops from Iranian missiles to determine why Obama and George W. Bush did not dare attack Iran. They were well aware of Iran’s true military might in the region, but Trump started a dangerous game that Iran is now capable of attacking because it is unable to attack US military bases in the region because if it continues The escalating tensions between Iran and the US and the possible war between them are the US and Israel that will be the big losers of this war, and Israel’s red line is likely to disappear with heavy Iranian rocket attacks on the world map.


There have been reports that some  US Republicans in Congress have called for Trump to respond to the Iranian missile attack, but the US war crazies appears to lack Iranian military power capable of targeting even the western US borders. Hasn’t the recent rain missile been a lesson for US warlords?


The heavy consequences of war for America are:

* The complete annihilation of Israel
* Thousands of US troops killed in the Middle East
Complete destruction of all US bases around Iran
Imposing a heavy charge on the US debtor government
* Losing America’s image in world public opinion that another war will begin
* Assassination of Donald Trump by Iranian extremist forces
* Oil price rise
Endangering global security, especially Europe and the United States
* Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf

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