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Reviewing the mission of Iran’s Noor satellite in space and its power

Noor satellite, as the first military satellite of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was successfully launched this morning (Wednesday, May 23) from a two-stage satellite satellite from the central desert of Iran by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and orbited 425 km.

Reviewing the mission of Iran’s Noor satellite in space and its power

Reviewing the mission of Iran's Noor satellite is space and its power

This action will be a great achievement and a new development in the field of space for Islamic Iran.

The launch of the moonlight into space has several advantages for Iran:

First, the launch of this satellite is the beginning of Iran’s military use of space, the most important feature of which is to reach a completely new and unprecedented level of intelligence aristocracy on private and shared global spaces. Second, Iran can continue to monitor the formation of a missile threat as soon as it begins anywhere in the world. This makes the country’s missile defense capability in protecting the country’s sky “space-based.” This is what is called a space warning system, and very few countries in the world benefit from it.
Third, Iran can continue to monitor the military use of space by monitoring the enemy’s “vital spaces in the distance” and “long-range threats” with unprecedented aristocracy. We will be able to see how and for what purposes the enemy is changing his make-up and how much of this make-up is really operational. Fourth, military access to space is fundamentally changing the concept of guidance and navigation, especially in the field of ballistic missiles. A decade ago, the US nightmare was that Iran’s missile program would be combined with an independent Iranian navigation system in space. This will not only miraculously increase the accuracy of the missiles, but will also allow Iran to “destroy targets in space” in the short term, given Iran’s current missile capability.

Fifth, on the future horizon, a much more extraordinary phenomenon can be seen, and that is what is called the ‘synchronization of all operational units in a complex war.’ The simple concept is that you can “synchronize” the behavior of a fighter in the sky with a tank and a tanker on the ground, a ship on the sea, and even a ranger in the forest, so that they can quickly integrate all the available information. Make the best decision in the shortest time. “This is not possible without a military intelligence infrastructure.”

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