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Mehdi Taremi Biography, Goals and Skill Highlights 2019/2020

Mehdi Taremi is the name of Iranian footballer that play for Rive Ave. we are reviewing Mehdi Taremi biography and his statistics in previous clubs and national teams. you can see Mehdi Taremi’s highlight and skills here.


Is Taremi going to join Sporting Lisbon?


Mehdi Taremi Biography

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Mehdi Taremi Honors

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Mehdi Taremi Biography, pictures, Goals and Skill Highlights 2019/2020


Main Name: Mehdi Taremi

Field of activity: Football player

Date of Birth: July 18- 1992

Hometown: Bushehr, Iran

Post: Left Winger – Target Striker

Height: 1.87 m


Mehdi Taremi Biography

Mehdi Taremi is the son of Alireza born on July 1, 1993 in Bushehr. The 1.87 m striker who came to Persepolis from League One by Ali Daei and made his debut that year in the derby and chip penalty shootout at Al Nasser, Saudi Arabia, and, of course, the odd joy after his goal, became a favorite at Persepolis. Mehdi Tarami became Iran PL top scorer in the second season of  his presence in Persepolis. He scored two goals in the derby and became a fixture in the national team until he became a favorite of the Reds. Going to Turkey and returning to Strange, and of course some very famous fringes, he has a great potential for memories! Mehdi Tarami is a lonely and playful comrade and his gang of Mohsen Mosalman, Ahmadzadeh and Kamal are widely regarded as the reason for the team’s problems. He is also very friendly with the  Ramin Rezaian. Mehdi Taremi has an interesting style of play. He is compared to Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Iran, but he is known for cheating referees in the penalty shoot-out and error. Tarثmi is also mentioned as one of the players who ruins many goal opportunities.

Mehdi Taremi’s Personal Life

Mehdi Taremi is the youngest member of her family. His older brother is Mohammed, who is also a football player and currently a member of the Iranian youth team in Bushehr.

Mehdi Taremi spouse picture

mehdi taremi spouse picture


Taremi is single now but there was some gossips that he and Sahar Qoreishi (Iranian famous actress) are engaged that later they both denied it.


Mehdi Taremi Club era

Mehdi Taremi, on April 19, in front of more than 100,000 spectators in Tehran’s Azadi Stadium, chipping in from the penalty spot against Saudi Arabia’s al-Nasr in the group stage of the AFC Champions League, set the stage for Persepolis 2–0.

Mehdi Taremi has a history of scoring in the Tehran derby; he opened the gates twice in the eighty-second derby, which ended with Persepolis 2–2.

Mehdi Taremi was suddenly on a trip to Turkey with the Rizpur team during a transfer deal with Iran’s Persepolis.But after about three weeks, he abandoned his decision to go to Turkey and returned to Persepolis in Tehran.

Mehdi Taremi was selected as the Iranian Football Player of the Year in a 2015 Premier League. Mehdi Tarami presented his highest player of the season for the Imam Reza shrine. In addition to this award, Taremi was selected as the top scorer of the 16th league and the best striker in the competition.



Mehdi Taremi was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment following the Rize Spore affair, and Persepolis were also fined and denied transfers. A television program unveils photos and documents of  paying one billion timans in cash from Hussein Hedayati to give to the Rizpur Club by Taremi on 3 October 2011, which he spent on the purchase of a Porsche car.

Mehdi Taremi became a member of Qatar’s Al-Grafa Club on January 2 2016


He was such good player that transfer from Qatar to Portgual league; he joined to Rive Ave in 2019 and scored many goals fir this team and now some speculation say that Porto want to buy him in summer 2020. Mehdi Taremi is famous for cheating referees to get penalty.


Mehdi Taremi National Games


Mehdi Taremi – May 1st – For the first time in the Iranian national team was invited by Carlos Quiroz. Taremi was selected as the best striker in the 16th Premier League. . Mehdi Tarami was also named Iran’s Football Player of the Year in 2017. He made his first national appearance in a friendly against Uzbekistan in year 2017.

He opened the scoring in his third national game and scored twice against Guam twice in the World Cup 2018 qualifier.

Taremi also shone in his fourth national game and, with a three-set defeat to India, persistently scored a successful goal for Andranik Teymourian and scored the third.

Mehdi Taremi was one of the most influential players on the road to the World Cup; he scored many 3 points  goals for the Iranian national football team in the World Cup qualifier and was generally good.


Persepolis top scorer in the history of Iranian Premier League

Mehdi Taremi is the best scorer in Persepolis in the history of Iranian Premier League with 55 goals. Behind him is Javad Kazemian with 30 goals.


Mehdi Taremi Honors

Mehdi Taremi Honors


Mehdi Taremi goals and skills highlights


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