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Meaning of betting and football prediction terms

We teach football prediction terms in order of priority. If you need a term that doesn’t exist in this list, write it down in the comments section below to respond. lets return to Meaning of betting and football prediction terms.


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Meaning of betting and football prediction terms

Equal range and loss 2 × 1

1: Host win 2: Guest win x: W1 equal host and W2 guest win
More and less goals – Ur and Ander

Over = over = higher goal = over 2.5 goals means 3 goals or more. Over 2 goals means 2 goals or more, provided that 2 goals are awarded (the termination of the bet). And if you score 3 goals or more you will win

Ander = Under = Goal Less = Less than 2.5 Goals Must Be 2 Goals And Less. Less than 2 goals means 2 goals and fewer goals provided that 2 goals are scored (bet expires)
Both teams score – BTS

Both Teams Score = BTS = BTTS = GG = Both Teams To Score – Yes – No
Double Chance – Double Chance – 1x – 2x

They say win or draw of a team = Double chance = Double chance = 1x = 2x – meaning you win or draw if you win – there is a win-win situation. That if one of the two teams wins and the game is not evened you win. In the name of 12


Handicap is one of the most detailed discussions of football prediction. In short, handicap means giving away the number of goals to the opposing team (negative handicap). You can read more about the handicap in the following link or get a call from the opposing team (positive handicap).

Handicap Training – Types of Handicap Handicap
Half Time / Full Time = HT-FT

HT-FT = Half Time / Full Time Result) = Half Time / Full Time

In this condition you must predict the outcome of the first half, the loss or draw and the outcome of the whole game.

Example 1: Host board / host board

That is, the first half takes the host. And the whole game also hosts

Example 2: Guest / Draw

That is, to win the first half. And the end result of the game is equal
Even / Odd = Even / Odd

This means that the number of goals scored in a game or in basketball is equal to the total number of points in the game or odd

For example, if the game ends with a score of 1-1, the pair is even

Or if the game is 2-1 odd person

Draw no bet = Equal Return Bet = dnb = Equal Termination = Handicap Zero = Means your team will be refunded if you win and if you win. And if it loses you will lose.

Last goal = The team to score the last goal

First goal = The team to score the first goal

Half / half = The result of the first half and the second half is completely separate

Goal In Both Halves = To score in both halves

Correct Score = CS = Predict the exact outcome of the game

Race To = Reach the number of goals scored or points specified in the options

Own Goal = Goal by itself = A team player mistakenly scored a goal

Come From Behind And Win = Cambodia = Lose A Team But Ultimately Win The Game

Sending Off = Expelled = Whether or not the game has a red card



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