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Leech breeding methods and how buy leech from Iran

Leech breeding is one of the jobs that has attracted many people, especially young people, to the country these days. In this article we are going to introduce you to the market for this job and the income of leech breeding and you will learn how to buy and import leeches from Iran.


Leech breeding methods and how buy leech from Iran


Breeding leeches is not a job of hurrying. So if you are in a hurry to return the original money with its profits, know that this job is not for you.
The job of breeding leeches is to have patience and to be aware of them before entering. Like any other profession, perseverance and expertise are among the key parameters. There are a lot of people who have come in without the necessary expertise and have come out with serious failures.
Leech breeding can be considered a productive job because it involves many jobs, directly and indirectly, and boosts the business of those jobs.

World leech breeding market

Foreign countries, and especially European ones, are nowadays specialized in traditional medicine by leeches. Therefore, our country can also grow leech in this area and even export it to other countries. Treatment of leeches include headache, sinusitis, migraine and infectious diseases. In addition to traditional medicine, leech is used in the production of cosmetics, which indicates that leech consumption is high and its market is not saturated.
Iran is one of the major importers of cosmetics from foreign countries. Breeding leeches and their use in the cosmetics industry can reduce the import of these products from foreign countries and promote safe domestic production.
It is not bad to know that on the outside, all four leeches are worth one barrel of OPEC crude! However, it is not irrational to think about leech breeding and its export rather than oil extraction.

Leech breeding workforce

Only one worker is needed to grow 6,000 leeches.
The initial capital of leech breeding
You can start with just over $ 5 million, even in your own home, just remember that if you go for it without the expertise, everything you spend may be lost all at once. The best way to gain knowledge is to reach out to those who have had or are experiencing it. Of course, if some of these people are reluctant to give you information, especially if they are doing it themselves, this requires intelligence and persistence. So don’t be frustrated and try to get into the details of this before getting into it so you can minimize the damage if you encounter a problem.
Risk of leech breeding
Since leech breeding can be started with low capital, it can be said to be a little risky, but keep in mind that the capital needed for this job is low compared to other jobs, but it may even be worth investing $ 2 million. You can invest a significant portion of your assets. So if this is the case and you are always thinking about your money, either ignore it or invest in it with enough knowledge.

Price of leech

The price of leech in Iranian market varies depending on the type of leech grown. The price range of leeches and their larvae currently varies from about 1,000 tomans to 5,000 tomans. The highest price is produced by leeches and the least by larvae. It should be noted that the price of a large leech at a low price can significantly reduce your payment cost. On the world market, however, the price of leech is in the range of eight to twelve dollars.
Calculate leek breeding income
The first: breeding and breeding by the productive leech

The multiplication coefficient for each productive leech is assumed to be 2.
The project duration is one year.


1 number of productive leeches = 1 million five hundred thousand tomans
1 polyethylene bathtub = 1 million and four hundred thousand tomans
1 pc of plastic container = 1 thousand tomans
A 1 liter water storage tank = 1 thousand tomans
Accessories = 1 million and 6 thousand tomans
Utilities = one million tomans
The cost of training = 1 thousand USD

Total cost incurred = 1 million and four hundred thousand tomans
After one year, the number of 6 leeches will be obtained, which we will consider to sell in the Iranian market for medical leeches of 3,000 and three hundred tomans, so the total income earned during this period was 4 million and 500 thousand tomans. Of this work is 1 million and 100,000 dollars. The percentage of profit made after one year is about 2%.
The second case: larval breeding with larvae

Work time is 6 months.


1 thousand larvae = 1 million tomans
1 pc of plastic container = 1 thousand tomans
A 1 liter water tank = 1 thousand tomans
Accessories = 1 Thousand Tomans
Utilities = one million tomans
The cost of training = 1 thousand USD

Total cost incurred = 1,700,000 Tomans
Thousands of larvae grow after 6 months and become salable leeches. Assuming the sale price of each of them is 3,000 tomans, the total sales of leech will reach 2 million tomans. By deducting the initial cost, the profits after six months will amount to $ 1,300,000. That is, during this time you will earn almost as much as your initial capital.


How to breed leeches

If you want to breed leeches at home, just have a tub of water and be able to islandize and put your leeches into it. Leeches mate in late winter and sprout cocoon in spring and summer (cocoon is something like cocoon) and finally leech out in late summer and early fall. It takes about eight months for these leeches to reach puberty. That is, in about a year and three to four months, natural leech production can be achieved. Even measures such as raising or lowering the air temperature can make leeches grow more coconut and thus increase production.

Mammal blood should be used to feed leeches; be careful to use mammalian blood and you will have trouble. Remember, you can only access blood if you have official authorization, otherwise you cannot guarantee blood health. Those who have lost all their capital with contaminated blood are not few! You will need a consultant to guide you step by step.

The benefits of leech breeding


Leek breeding income is good condition of perseverance. If you invested five million tomans, about half of that money would be spent on buying leeches. Leeches are of two sexes, meaning that in each mating both leeches become fertile, so they reproduce very quickly and increase in number. For a newcomer to the profession, the leech’s profit coefficient is based on the probability of errors, each leech is one in 1, and if it can reach that level of profitability, it makes sense, and if you reach more, you will have more profit. Is. If you take the leech for profit one by one and assume that two thousand leeches are lost, you will have about 7,000 leeches that you can sell for at least 1 million tomans. You have to deduct the cost of energy and labor. Of course, this is an estimate for people who are new to it, and that profit will multiply in the coming years, reaching a factor of one-in-1. This profession can be very profitable, although this is the case if you adhere to the principles of work, because in the event of a mistake your entire capital will be lost! In fact, it comes down to the tact of the manufacturer to invest as much as it can harvest.
:: Low working hours; good earnings

Leech breeding does not take you much time, which means if you take the average you should work three hours a day. In winter the working hours are reduced and in the spring more. In fact, you will have a lot of extra time in this profession and you can think of a second job at this extra time. By the way, you don’t need a lot of staff, and for every 5,000 leopards a worker is enough.

Why leech?

The value of all four leeches is equivalent to one barrel of OPEC oil! Leech has many uses, so it has many fans outside of Iran and can be exported easily. Leech has many therapeutic properties, ranging from headaches and sinusitis to migraine and infectious diseases. In addition, leeches can be used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Given that Iran’s Caspian region has the best leeches in the world, it has a lot of supporters, so don’t worry about saturating the job market.

The situation of leeches in Iran


Since leeches were previously harvested in Iranian nature and used in medicine, there was no need to breed them in the country, but the number of leeches has declined dramatically in recent years due to contamination caused by overuse of pesticides. Drainage of lagoons and lakes and plowing farmland with tractors instead of horses are other reasons for the decline of natural leeches in Iran, which has made leech production a lucrative necessity.

According to statistics, leech breeding was first carried out in Jouybar County by Dr. Kord Afshari, a specialist in traditional medicine, in a 4-square-meter indoor area inside fiberglass pools.

Breeding of leeches is now successfully implemented, with more than 4,000 breeding leeches currently on the market for consumption, while leech breeding has good economic justification, and at present each leech breeding In Iran, it sells for 2 to 3 tomans, while the price of this aquatic fish in Europe is $ 2 to $ 2. The price difference that makes leech exports extremely profitable for entrepreneurs who set up leeches.

Thus, with the development of leeches, on the one hand, new job opportunities will be created for the unemployed youth, and on the other hand, the increase in the economic income of the villagers will increase and the leeches’ profits will be very good for the investors.

At present, leech breeding is successfully performed in some provinces of Iran such as Mazandaran, East Azerbaijan and Khorasan, so that there is currently a breeding leech available for consumption.

It should be noted that the capital needed for leech production is very low. An example of leech breeding is the provision of small pools that are half a meter deep and covered with clay at the bottom of the pool. Experts say a small leech-producing workshop could be set up with a small investment of between $ 2 and $ 5 million.



The benefits of leech breeding in other countries


Meanwhile, Russia, Germany, France, England and Malaysia have a long experience in leech breeding and have adhered to world standards for the production of this valuable aquaculture.

However, the price of leech in Iran does not exceed several hundred tomans and not even a thousand tomans. Thus, according to published statistics, countries such as Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany generate huge amounts of foreign exchange revenue from the production and export of leeches.

It is noteworthy that leech has been medically used in India, Greece, Rome, Iran and then Europe for the past 5 years and in Russia various leishmaniasis (headaches, heart and skin diseases and sexual weakness) have been treated.

In Moscow and Ukraine, cosmetics have also been developed to relieve wrinkles, the effective substance of which is leech saliva and the use of this aquatic drug has benefited more and more as science progresses.


How to Buy leeches from Iran?


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