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How to sign up and charge Perfect Money account + Full instrauction

at present topic we are going to cover, Complete registration and charging instruction of Perfect Money account.


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How to sign up and charge Perfect Money account + Full instrauction


What is Perfect Money?


Perfect Money is a reputable internet account known as a World Bank Internet, where you can have up to 4 types of accounts in this bank Euro Bitcoin gold dollars. You can convert your account into any of the above currencies by opening an account in this bank, which is also available in Persian.
Registration link: PerfectMoney

Launched this year, this web-based bank is registered in Panama. By creating an account at this internet bank you can get your money from different sites and people in your account and make your online purchases including charging your betting sites.

Interesting tips about Perfect Money site: Persian language

Perfect Money has continued to operate this year without the slightest sanction for Iranians. This internet bank pays 2% per year on any account. Many reputable global betting sites can operate and charge and withdraw money easily through Perfect Money.


Fill out the form above as follows:

4: Choose a nickname for your account

۲: Name and Family Name

4: The name of the city in which you reside

۴: Address of residence

3: Select Iran

۶: Postal code or postal code

2: Email

2: Phone

1: Account type (select personal option)

2: Password

2: Repeat the mystery of the god

۱۲: Enter the security code into the image

3: Check the i agree with terms and conditions check box and at the end you will be logged in with the registry button and you will have a Perfect Money account. Note: After registering, your email will be sent as a member id, this ID is your username for Perfect Money login and you can click on the login option and enter member id And login to your account.


Account Charging


Perfect Money Dollar Account
Perfect Money Dollar Account
Your Money Account at Perfect Money

There are two ways you can charge your Perfect Money account

1. Give your Perfect Money dollar account to a reputable online currency exchange and get a dollar for the payment

2. Receive a valid currency exchange voucher and activation code in exchange for a payment and enter your account in the Deposit section of the Perfect Money panel and then in the e-Voucher section and recharge your dollar account. (figure below)




Perfect Money Deposit in Bat Medicine

After opening your account and charging your account, you can automatically charge the amount you want in your bet, just enter the dollar amount in the box above and click Submit to connect to Perfect Money.

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