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Did the Iranians deliberately destroy the Ukrainian aircraft?

A joint journalism research team in the US and Canada has obtained information from the Canadian Security Service, which indicates that between 80 and 100 of the Ukrainian airplane passengers were scientists and elites in the fields of physics, atom, aerospace and biology. They have worked with the Islamic Republic regime, this report reveals that some of them were dual nationals, and some were accepted for long-term and short-term academic courses.


Did the Iranians deliberately destroy the Ukrainian aircraft?


The report even mentioned that most of these travelers were determined to leave the country because of the fall of the regime or the start of the war.
The report added that some of the passengers were also involved in a joint nuclear project between Iran and Russia, each of which somehow refused to continue cooperation with Russia and Iran, a third assumption that the Ukrainian Security Service also favored. And one of the possibilities is that Russia fired a missile.
Some of the passengers were traveling to an agreement with the Canadian government, and the CIA and FBI’s secret intelligence agency had been briefed on the process, giving warnings to the Canadian government and some dangers and threats. It had announced the consequences of the deal.
The report added that at least six of those passengers were scientists who were 100% planning to flee Iran.
The report, which was announced as a preliminary report, even stated that Canada and Iran had conducted a series of joint investigations into uranium enrichment at least for the past decade, which was cut off by the US government’s warning.
The report, while emphasizing the firing of two missiles at the aircraft, now denies that it was a mistake and writes that it was the easiest way to eliminate and prevent the mass transfer of information that the Islamic Republic was concerned about leaving and possibly transferring to Western countries.
Iran Briefing does not comment on this report and the co-operation of the killed passengers with the Islamic Republic and merely publishes reports by American and Canadian journalists and researchers.

Some sources said even Four people were detained by Iranian security forces after leaving Gate in airport. At first, the victims were identified as 180, but hours later, 176 were reported.
The 4-man list of travelers has been released by al-Miyadin Hezbollah network, including the detainees.

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