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A win-win game for Iran and Trump after the recent tensions

Finally, after serious tensions between Iran and the US following the assassination of General Qassim Suleimani by US forces, the Iranians first avenged their missile attack on the empty al-Assad base yesterday, destroying some of drones and American planes, and finally President Trump ended speculations about World War III with a peaceful speech that wil not respond to Iran’s suspicious attack.


But what were the consequences for the two sides of the direct military tension between Iran and the US for the first time?



The effect of ending Iran-US tensions in world oil and price



A win-win game for Iran and Trump after the recent tensions

Positive consequences for America


Trump achieved many goals by assassinating Qassem Suleimani. He has shown Iran that it will eradicate any person or entity that endangers American interests in the region and does not recognize any red line. Although Trump’s move put the region in a state of extreme security instability, he was fully aware of Iran’s possible response because he was well aware that Iranians, like the United States, were not in a position to start a war at this time. The missile launch would end up in US positions in the region, and so did Trump’s smile of relief after the end of the Iran revenge operation. Another US interest in recent events was that the one-week Middle East tensions were able to reinforce the dollar’s strength in world markets, which was to the detriment of the US economy and to the detriment of the Iranian economy.

Trump was able to read the Iranian hand and quickly deploy American troops from US bases in Iraq so that, even if he was hit by a missile attack, no American soldier would die and not have to answer to the American people why he started the game. If even one American soldier were killed, he would probably have no choice but to start a war with Iran, but he deliberately avoided a war.
The biggest benefit of Trump’s recent tensions was his concluding speech and his peacemaking speech, which dispelled all speculation about the start of the war and increased Trump’s popularity with Americans calling him a warlord. He has been able to change the minds of many Americans and is likely to emerge as the winner next week.


Positive consequences of recent events for Iran


Although the loss of one of Iran’s most experienced generals was expensive for the authorities, they cannot forget about the favor Trump gave them. The Iranian regime, which recently killed 1500 protesters in the streets, was shaken by public opinion, and with recent events we have seen solidarity in support of the government in the streets of Iran. Now the Iranian Supreme leader can be optimistic about the maximum turnout for the upcoming elections. They have also benefited from recent oil price hikes, and the desperate Iranian government, which has had uncertainties over next year’s funding, could breathe a sigh of relief.

From a military point of view, the Iranians have been able to silence all the countries in the region by plotting against the world’s largest military power, and now they will talk about their position of power with Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Recent events in the Middle East are likely to be accompanied by a gradual US withdrawal from the region, which is the biggest achievement of the recent tensions for the Iranians since they will rule the Persian Gulf alone after the US exit.


The Iranians have also well identified and targeted the US base to reduce the likelihood of war to the lowest possible level. In this regard, it seems that the Iraqi government has done a great deal to prevent both sides’ war and the start of World War III.


Both sides knew there will be no war ahead.

Officially, there is no backstage agreement between the Iranian and US governments, but some speculate that the recent tensions were formal and that the Iranian and US governments, which were under intense pressure, were able to To sacrifice some of your own interests, get rid of the pressure.

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